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Quality Policy
  • Qualification and validation are performed.
  • To withdraw products of batches deteriorating during the study.
  • Establish eco-friendly environment atmosphere in company for healthy culture.
  • To maintain adequate and competent staff that is well trained in the GMP and GLP aspects.
  • Satisficing customer’s necessary and essential requirements, meeting Domestic & International standards of Quality.
  • Establish Quality Management Systems through ISO 9001, which focused on achieving quality policy and quality objectives to meet customer requirements.
  • Necessary resources are provided, including: appropriate materials, containers and labels; suitable equipment and services; suitable storage and transport.
  • To train the staff and motivate them to follow pre-determined written procedures and maintain records of compliance. To conduct regular quality audits and take corrective actions to streamline systems and maintain desired quality consistency.
  • Quality policy are based on the GMP guidelines, laws and regulations to meets the requirements of safety, identity, potency, strength, quality, purity, uniformity and stability. All members of the technical staff are aware of this quality policy and other details for assurance of quality.

Ralington maintains the highest safety standards across its facilities, including robust systems and processes for process safety and job safety analysis. We implement continuous feedback mechanisms to constantly verify and improve our safety standards.


Ralington strives to reduce the impact on the environment by variety of optimizing the energy and steam usages across the various manufacturing sites. There are also solar power plants at various facilities.


Ralington is deeply concerned about the impact of short and long term exposure to hazardous chemicals on the health of its employees. This has prompted Ralington to develop low exposure process and operations, maintain the highest quality PPEs, train employees on SHE best practices, and conduct regular medical check ups. Through this, Ralington minimizes health risks.